At the Kurhaus

The monument status

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus The Hague often referred to simply as Kurhaus is a large hotel between Gevers Deynootplein and promenade along the beach of Scheveningen.

Since October 24, 2014 the Kurhaus belongs to the Amrâth Hotel Group which has breathed a wonderful new life in collaboration with Gallery Bell’Arte the Kurhaus. Throughout the hotel to see beautiful works of art and you can walk inside without obligation. Also take place yearly art exhibitions where several artists will present their works of art. It will also be given the most beautiful performances and can you benefit us while enjoying a snack and drink.

It is not only given an opportunity to show the work but also acquired works of both, young and old sculptors. This specialization in sculptures, the collector can ask questions about restorations, the origin, order and investments and the gallery can put you in touch with the artist you want to execute a command.

The works are entirely in itself and a perfect environment enhances the self-esteem of each artwork. The philosophy behind Gallery Bell’Arte can be described as ‘diversity in fascination’ looking for local, national and international artists, figurative and abstract working. Click one of the following artists for more information.