Measurements: 80 x 10 x 79 cm
Material: bronze

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The sculpture ‘Avalon’ is inspired by the sister of King Arthur in the book “the mists of Avalon. She is a priestess of the Grail which is engaged in the struggle within Christianity between Rome and the Holy Grail thought. The Grail, and thereby also its representative to the Round Table and the skills of the twelve knights, ceases to exist. The equivalence of the twelve characters which is highlighted by the round table (a table without a head) makes way for submission to the Church and the pope. The round equivalent is driven by the rectangular cross hierarchy. Standing on the lacerated earth priestess transcends both positions, thereby transcending the duality between the two cultures. She accepts equality from the other and is therefore mobile. The other, who thinks dualistic and hierarchical, not its acceptance. It is an ode to the upright man, the man does not suffer from a hierarchical structure. Because of this freedom they can connect with the spiritual world. That it transcends the earthly and given by nature. This is the power of man to transcend nature by reaching the spiritual on their own. Man is thus supported not only by what is given by nature, she also carries himself in it. This is symbolized by the image of the hands carrying the figure in some way.