Dancing through


Measurements: 45 x 19 x 19 cm
Material: bronze

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‘Dancing through’ is another of my time process images ranging from the bottom up reading late. It portrays the man who on the one hand in the earthly and the other part is in the spiritual. The Earth is represented by the solid-looking base. The man portrayed as a female figure, focuses on here. She moves like a whirlwind to the higher, spiritual. She is the vertical, upright going gay erectus. This vertical movement is the only movement that is appropriate for portraying spiritual development. This development is impossible to intervene in a horizontal shape. Man is the only creature on earth which can undergo a spiritual development, a development of the earthly given towards the spiritual. Depending on the extent in which he evolves, he reached a certain level between the earthly and the spiritual. In “Dancing through ‘is the level that controls the man placed at the level of the agent as the skirt shows. This symbolizes the ability to control the sexual instincts, which is a unique characteristic of man.