EXPOSITION: Belarusian artist

The grand opening exposition of Belarusian artist Victoria Kovalenchikova in collaboration with Dutch artists Chris Tap and Arvid Henkes at Gallery Bell’Arte at the Kurhaus.
The exhibition lasts until May 15, 2020.

Previous EXPOSITION: Stars

On saturday 27 and sunday 28 juli 2019 from 13.00 till 18.00 hours the artists : Chris Tap, Guy Olivier en Arvid Henkes make their creations at the Kurzaal. Impressive to see how that works. There’s also the possibility to ask questions to the artists.

If you want to be present at this unique occasion, please let us know.
Click here if you want to stay at the Kurhaus during 26th till 28th of july for a special price.
You can always receive 10% discount if you book under Gallery on the Kurhaus website. The exhibition lasts until October 2019.

We looking forward to meet you.
With artistic regards,

The artists,
and Doret Huibers of Gallery Bell’Arte at the Kurhaus
+ 31(0)6-5435 3464

The exhibition lasts until October 2019.

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24 September 2016


Guy Olivier at the Kurhaus

 Vital spontaneity, the esprit of the South, but especially heartfelt exuberance splashes almost literally the work of Guy Olivier (Maastricht, 1964). The scenes in his paintings – whether portraits of lascivious-confident young women or drunk night owls who suddenly saw the light and love. Of runaway dinners or Fellini Esque circus scenes – everywhere celebrated the theatrical exuberantic of life on canvas and paper.

24 Oktober 2015


Joris Gaymans en Albert Niemeyer

On Saturday, October 24th at 16.00 hours, the new exhibition of Gallery Bell’Arte at the Kurhaus opened. The Maastricht Gallery Bell’Arte opened its second branch in the Kurhaus on April 26 2015 and exhibits names like: Ans Markus, Pépé Grégoire, Jan Desmarets, Emile Cornelis, Bart Somers, Luigi Galligani, Ans Sunday, Gerti Bierenbroodspot, Arvid, Joris Gaymans Albert Niemeyer, Francesca Zijstra and Carlos Mata. The artists Gaymans and Niemeyer will both present their own work will be on display from 24 October in the Kurhaus.

26 April 2015

Opening with Gerrit Zalm, Gerti Bierenbroodspot and Ellen ten Damme

Pépé Grégoire en Luigi Galligani

Recently Pepe has developed a new phenomenon in art: Photo Sculptures; stylized imagery with a house of photographic fragments. He Adds four art forms into one, namely photography, architecture, painting and sculpture.  Italian artist Luigi Galligani has made a selection of his, mostly bronze, works for the new branch of Gallery Bell’Arte in Scheveningen. Many of Luigi Galligani’s sculptures are inspired by the theme of the Mediterranean and its myths. Own the Amrath Hotel Group, Giovanni van Eijl, is the bronze statue “Il Canto delle Sirene ‘donated to the Kurhaus, so it will have a permanent place in” his “Kurhaus hotel on the coast.