Measurements: 82 x 10 x 10 cm
Material: bronze


Although ‘Afwachtend’ is not an image that expresses a time trial, time plays a strong presence in the inner state as expressed by the figure. This fact represents what await itself: inner alertness in preparation for what is to come. In tension towards the future. The legs show this: a leg lock (inactivity) and the other slightly bent (latent activity). These forward-looking state get you away from the present. You shut out for the present, until the anticipated event presents itself in the present. These are closed can be seen in the arms close to the body as it were, for the then present outside world. In proposing the future you create your own future, you provide the future. This “feature” is a combination of two elements: thinking (imagination of a situation) and time. The situation is projected in the time. Your thoughts are thus independent of the time. The project idea into the future, then the steps to this idea in the future, put away leads to a schedule. The art of planning is, moreover, only a recent achievement of mankind, something we may not make haste for. We can not include without planning. Formerly it did, and saw that it was good (or not).