Agnus dei


Measurements: 50 x 65 x 15 cm
Material: Aluminium


The lines of the depicted in wire form ‘Agnus Dei’ offers a collection of many surprising elements. First of all, there is shown a grazing lamb: two front legs and in between the head at the right side, left side thereof, two rear legs. Simultaneously, the image integrates the concepts of duality and Trinity as also in the picture ‘Duality vs. Trinity‘ happens. Trinity formed by the invagination of duality. Depending on the chosen perspective you see either two notches either two bulges. Interesting addition is that a relationship is shown in the duality. The one (left-hand) recess having the shape of a head is larger than the other. This represents the relationship between parent-child or father-son (ram lamb). In this way duality (in the form of father-son) and Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) together in the figure of the Lamb. The lamb, as a descendant of the ram, is seen as a herald of Christianity. After all, the era of the ram preceded the Piscean Age, the era of Christianity. The image ‘Agnus Dei’ belongs to the group of spatial figures.