Measurements: 84 x 23 x 11 cm
Material: Bronze


The sculpture ‘Bevlogen’ shows in three steps the transformation again solid in free form. I have tried to express this transformation in three different ways. Underneath the foot creates an upward vertical force of two horizontal oppressive forces. All three of these elements are strong in form. Halfway through the picture does the resulting vertical shape for a renewed upward shape. Here, there is no horizontal pressure stresses, such as at the basis of the image, the existing shape makes room for the new form. At the third moment of transformation, the solid form into a free, almost liquid form. Here, no horizontal forces are needed, there is no counter force must give way to the new form. This can be freely and unobstructed explore the space, and then as to dissolve as it were in the air. With this inspiration, I want portray. This process we see a lot back into nature: the strain on the branch and smaller branches opens into a fruit and flower petals. By the ‘Inspired’ impersonated transformation to fertility does then organic, almost erotic to.