Measurements: 170 x 60 x 16cm
Material: bronze


The sculpture Willen – Voelen – Denken reflect the three primary areas of activity (or states) in which one man can experience himself. As the pictures show, these activities differ considerably, particularly as regards openness to the outside world. Wanting is most receptive, most open to the environment. From this area flows the will impulse, the initial impetus strength for new deeds inside. The feel is a more closed business area than the like. In seeking to allow the recording and display, the inside and the outside in balance. Something flowing in, and at the same time form a relationship you do so. You feel thus making a counter-movement to the outside, an activity that only it can happen here and now. Very different is that in the mind. Thinking takes place apart from the world, apart from the here and now. It is closed with respect to outside of the living world, although it is called the rise to the formation of the mind. The three activities like – feel – think have a certain sequence. First there is the will, openness to the outside world where the initial impulse is for the new action. Then form your own relationship to that which flows in you: you feel is addressed. When everything finally lies still forming about the mind.