Measurements: 80 x 80 x 20 cm
Material: bronze


With Diagonaal I give an answer to the old sculpture of Nuth. In it, the man was separated from the sky but will still be heavenly at the same time. In those old days recognized the man still in the cosmos, they felt part of a divine whole. Today, identifies the man in the microcosm of the ‘naked ape’, descended from the animal according to the Darwinian doctrine. The divine recognition we experience not like at that time. The sculpture ‘Diagonaal’ represents this duality in man. Man incorporates the cosmic and the animal element. The two triangles (cosmic and animal) fit together and complement each other in man. The sculpture ‘Diagonaal’ is one of my mathematical images. Depicted are two triangles, the earthly and heavenly. They have the diagonal as a common side, the oblique articulated connection between the top and the bottom.