Measurements: 50 x 50 x 8 cm
Material: bronze


What is actually meant by duality and trinity? Duality is formed by two different elements which, because of their difference, are each other’s opponents. For example, husband-wife, employer-employee, government-opposition etc. Trinity does not allow that there are contradictions. The contradictions that exist in duality raised by adding a third element. For example, male-female-child, Freedom (VVD) – Equality (PvdA) – brotherhood (CDA), political – business – NGOs. The picture Duality vs. Trinity “shows how arise through two depressions three bulges. Depending on the chosen perspective, the viewer sees a duality or trinity in the image. In order of duality to be sure to change the viewer’s inner position on the image trinity: either you see duality, either you see the Trinity. Importantly, this is not about to quantities like dichotomy and trichotomy, but qualities that transform the contradiction of duality to a trinity which no opposition can be more. The picture Duality vs. Trinity ‘belongs to the group space.