Een twee


Measurements: 68 x 06 x 6 cm
Material: bronze


The sculpture ‘Een twee’ I made to blend images from the urge to be one with my other half. It is the feeling to want to complement each other and to take to achieve perfect unity. It expresses the indissoluble union of man and woman, a unit that exists by virtue of the complementary differences of both. That fits in with my images that depict the unity of duality: two characters together one form (for example, see “Budding”). A form that everyone knows and portrays this principle Yin & Yang. The image ‘Een twee’ is a whole, but the two figures are at the same time easy to distinguish from each other. They are signed by a different rhythm of the body: the position and the shape of the buttocks, the shoulders, etc. Also, the difference in character is expressed. The woman as enveloping and nourishing power offers the man a basis for its existence, it is in her.