Femme a la fenêtre


Afmetingen: 165 x 20 x 20 cm
Materiaal: brons


“Femme a la fenêtre ‘, like some of my other images (see for example” Evaluation “) the representation of a process. This process runs from the base to the top of the image. The relatively very high pedestal represents the past, as the basis for the present. The date is set at the point of the past, and is as it were the crowning glory. The past takes place under the arms of the female figure. Because she has her arms over each other and also again leaning on her arms, she closes the past. She pushed past is gone. That new point out she meets the world. She reaches her head into the future that plays to our right. She chooses not taking her own perspective. She indicates that the past is closed and points us toward our future. That future is happening to our right is a universal data for Western man. This man reads and writes to the right, but we gesturing to the right when we talk about the future. The timeline so we see from left to right.