Body guard


Measurements: 212 x 60 x 20 cm
Material: Bronze

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‘Body Guard’ is the embodiment of our immune system changes: he is no longer the absolute governor, he is the communicator who engages with unwanted intruders. Formerly the body was defended by defense: if you do something wrong at your vomited irrevocable. The body warned, for example, air pollution, unhealthy food etc. and the only solution was to get the situation out of the way. Now we have this opportunity no more: we live daily in a polluted and unhealthy environment. Therefore, we must (or rather our immune system) refashion this polluted and unhealthy elements. The defense defense is now to metamorphose into a preservation of the body by recording and processing of the surrounding environment. Defense processing limit is communication. The image expresses this new form of body defense out: we see the talker, the communicator will just cross the borders. The goal remains the same: maintaining the body. The image is also made for people who need to protect their bodies and their physical possessions. Similar images can be seen in different cultures, such as the stone lions that were at the gate (and are) installed. However, the lion, the imagination of the defending limiter is no longer of this time. ‘Body Guard’ is a communicator contemporary interpretation of physical defense.