Measurements: 65 x 60 x 18 cm
Material: Bronze

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The reason for making “Cercle” was my desire to make a big medal. If this variation on the earlier mites that I had made. Besides the circular form as characteristic of the coin, it is also a symbol of the feminine, the archetype. The female plastic is introspective, introverted. It is unclear what state expresses the sculpture. It is sad, it is subdued? The sculpture ‘Cercle “is an expression in a flat plane, in contrast to many other more images which are formed in a line. This is done intentionally. The plane is in my eyes the belevende, it is strongly resonate with the gesture of the viewer. The line represents the other hand, the descriptive. Compare, for example text with an image. Text (line) is highly rational, the image (right) is emotional, you experience something with. The female can not describe for me, I can only experience it. Therefore, the expression of the feminine in a plane for me is essential. Of course there is also a descriptive element in the image. The bulges arise lines, the description thus arises from the tension of the coming together of the surfaces.