Emile Cornelis
“He wants to create art – not produce it.” – R.Lapré

Emile Cornelis was inspired by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Sculptures from that period for him an almost magical aura. And striving for perfection, combined with the influence he creates the most timeless fantastic sculptures The final form of his work is not only technically work, but above all an emotional process. He finds that an image to be formed by feeling and not from logic or reason. For this reason he therefore has no preconceived plan as he embarks on an image. From these ideas Emile Cornelis expresses his emotions in the most diverse and timeless, but especially beautiful sculptures.

Combination of antiquity with contemporary
Doret had always wanted to do something with the idea of art. She loves art image and of course it was no coincidence that she met the sculptor Emile Cornelis. Together they first formed a family with three children: Tibor, Safiere and Arvid. When the children all went to school, Doret began galerie.Doret Huibers was born in Valkenswaard. After a brief career in health care, she began Gallery Bell’Arte. Sculptor Emile Cornelis, born in Maastricht, as a child fascinated by the Meuse, clay and pebbles search. This later resulted in successful artist. His work is characterized by the combination of antiquity with contemporary.