Jan Verschoor

The sculptures of the artist Jan Verschoor (born in 1943 in Amsterdam) consist of flowing shapes with a smooth skin that looks as if asking to be caressed. Regardless of the material from which they are executed, they make a fragile, airy impression. This impression is reinforced by some images just resting on a single point on their pedestal. It is as if they balance almost weightless in space. The apparent lightness and sensuality of shaping the character of the work of the artist.

Jan Verschoor (1943) has numerous monumental works commissioned by the government and industry. Many of his works have been free a place in museum and private collections. His work is regularly exhibited in museums and galleries at home and abroad.
The oeuvre of the artist is extensive and varied. But each work bears the unmistakable stamp of the author, personal signature. Despite his education at the Amsterdam State Academy according to the figurative tradition Jan Verschoor chose at the beginning of his career for the abstraction offered him more room for experimenting with shapes and materials.

The experiment is the artist in the blood. During his career Verschoor has always renewed and expanded its scope. In addition to plastic, marble, aluminum, steel and bronze also wood and glass their place in the creative process. The properties of each material are always a challenge for him to achieve the shape that is he has in mind.