Measurements: 32 x 08 x 04cm
Material: Bronze


The sculpture “Balance” shows the balance of man hand live in a spiritual world and also in the earthly reality. The earthly reality is the physical reality that is given to all: the human body and the material things around it. Everyone lives in this physical world, everyone will experience it too, it is the area of the mass. Spiritual development is by contrast very individual, it is a choice. The extent to which a person develops mentally is dependent on the individual effort. Through this spiritual development you tap in the physical reality, it plays an increasingly important role. You draws you to speak to the masses, you will be free. This mass is as to propose a horizontal line. The mental development compared with the mass I have depicted with a vertical force upward movement. These individual development by cutting at a given time, the horizontal line, the individual is above ground level. Yet the man in my opinion belongs to both worlds, he is both a spiritual and physical being. The question is: where is the balance? How far can you stick out from the crowd? In this image, the balance is found at the level of the hands. They indicate where the physical reality ends and the spiritual development begins.