Gerti Bierenbroodspot


Bierenbroodspot studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, the rijksakademie in Amsterdam and also resident Institute Training to Help Teachers. She began painting in the old workshop of its 1941 deceased uncle Leo Gestel in Huizer Hoogt. She worked as a painter, draftsman, engraver and sculptor, in addition they also designed tapestries and writes poems. The Rotterdam cruise ship of the Holland America Line she made the murals. Work Bierenbroodspot was exhibited in various places in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, she has exhibited including in Brussels, New York, Amman and Beirut. Bierenbroodspot was for many years a member of the team of archaeologists that study did in the Jordanian city of Petra. In other countries in the Middle East, she was involved in archaeological research. In 1995 she was knighted by King Hussein of Jordan. She was appointed in 1998 an honorary citizen of the city of Baalbeck in Lebanon, where she resided. In 1999 she was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. In 2006 she was lijstduwer for the Party for the Animals.



Language: Dutch

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