Pépé Grégoire

His work is often distinguished by differences in structures of bronze, for example, smooth-rough and hard-soft. He is looking like the contrast in balance and imbalance; juggles forms and thus defies gravity.

Pépé Grégoire works both abstract and figurative and monumental values achieved with the enlargement of its “Arms-Legs” and “Hands-Feet. His pictures radiate except fortitude, especially humor and tenderness.

Pépé Grégoire has recently developed a new phenomenon in art: Photo Sculptures; stylized imagery with a house of photographic fragments. He Adds four art forms into one, namely photography, architecture, painting and sculpture.

Pépé Grégoire often is done in a number of themes such as Wind power, Arms-Legs and human profile.

Born in Teteringen, Netherlands, studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam.