Measurements: 125 x 10 x 05 cm
Material: bronze


Cyrinx the wood nymph being chased in the mythical saga by Zeus. On this occasion he disguised himself as Pan, the human form of hooves. Cyrinx flight for him. She hurries to the water nymphs who help her to change her into reeds. Pan sees this and completely enraptured by the beauty of Cyrinx’s stature, the reed cuts and makes her the Pan flute. This way, he can play its still in length of days.

In this image, I want to express the man who lives between the earthly and the spiritual inspired given that lives between the imagined and rational, and also the popular and spirited. It is, therefore, a three-part image, consisting of a rectangular bottom part (the rational, earthy), a body (humans), and a wing-like part (the animated). The position of the man in this picture is the same as that in, for example. “Scope”. However, it differs in that ‘Cyrinx “has no direction, it portrays humans as playthings of the gods, inescapable. ‘Scope’, however, goes its own way, connecting with under top and is not inevitable.