With Paul van Vliet

Paul van Vliet (1966)

Paul van Vliet passed through the gymnasium at the Christian high school in The Hague and in 1963 earned a master title rights at the University of Leiden. He founded in 1957 during his studies with Liselore Gerritsen, Floor Box and pianist Kaj Furnace Leidsch Students Cabaret, that until 1960 existed.

In 1964 he started Liselore Gerritsen, Ferd Hugas and pianist Rob van Kreeveld PePijn theater and cabaret of the same group (1964-1970). The first performance was on December 18, 1964. The theater is still located in an old warehouse on the New Schoolstraat in The Hague. There the early years was no staff in the theater – the cabaret four members made their own ticket sales, the wardrobe and all other activities.

In 1970, Van Vliet gave his first solo performance. His first program was an evening at the seaside in the Kurhaus. He spent eleven successful one-man shows that were among the best attended theater productions of the Netherlands and Flanders.

Known cameos are his:

Bram of the Commune

Baron Taets of Aevezaethe

Nobleman Charles Tetterloo jr.

Major Kees

Benny the concierge

In the theater season 1994/1995 he played the role of Professor Higgins in the Dutch version of the musical My Fair Lady.

Until 2001 PePijn remained under the supervision and management of Paul van Vliet, then came a merger with Diligentia, and PePijn was the small hall of Diligentia.

In 2002 stopped van Vliet with the big shows. He still plays for UNICEF. He also played with Anne-Wil Blankers in Love Letters.

On August 22 2008 van Vliet received from the hands of Queen Beatrix of the Medal of Honor for Art and Science because of his impressive artistic career as a cabaret entertainer. “[1]

In 2011, Van Vliet known in Scheveningen made to start their own Paul van Vliet Academy, which trains its students “(…) to professional comedians / entertainers and entertainers.” Besides Van Vliet include Martin van Dijk, Rob van Houten, Nico van der Linden and Barbara Stuyling Lange teacher.

Since September 30, 2012 Van Vliet on stage again, with the one-man show Sunday in The Hague, on Sunday afternoon in the Royal Theatre in The Hague