Kunst & Antiek weekend Naarden 2015

Art and Antique fair Naarden 2015 It was a successful and pleasant beautiful art & antiques weekend in Naarden. We feature new works by Ans Markus, Arvid, Bart Somers and Pépé Grégoire who were also present themselves at the fair. There was plenty of beautiful art to experience. With a lot of special old acquaintances and ... Lees meer

With Paul van Vliet

Paul van Vliet (1966) Paul van Vliet passed through the gymnasium at the Christian high school in The Hague and in 1963 earned a master title rights at the University of Leiden. He founded in 1957 during his studies with Liselore Gerritsen, Floor Box and pianist Kaj Furnace Leidsch Students Cabaret, that until 1960 existed. ... Lees meer

With Derek de Lint at awards Elbe Stevens

Derek de Lint (The Hague, July 17, 1950) is a Dutch actor. Career [edit]The Ribbon was known to the general public through its role in Soldier of Orange (1977) by Paul Verhoeven. The film was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best foreign film. Also important is its role as the adult Anton Steenwijk in ... Lees meer