Joris Gaymans

“Art and the living Now are inextricably linked: Art can only arise from this living Now moment. ”

One of the most important factors in my eyes in the art creation process it now. It Now, a continuous chain of an infinite number of times, wherein each time it is new. What happens in this living Now is not planning. Only that is what death is foreseeable and onkunstzinnig. Being present in the moment is art. This indicated Joseph Beuys when he said that anyone can be an artist: it is given to everyone to be present in the now alive. This, however, is not easy. In addition to being present in the moment requires it the ability to act actively in the Now. This operation will produce art. Art is therefore always new. What we experience as ancient art art that managed to capture the present moment now in the past. Art itself is not dated, only the means and the way art has been dated become established.

“The experience of this living now requires inner silence.”
The artistic content of a work of art, it is not important where and by whom it was made or what it represents. Also, the form in which the art itself exhibits (architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance, voice, poetry or do art) irrelevant. The essence of art is to express the power of what is happening in the Now moment. This allows the viewer is this Now moment again experienced as a living reality. In order to experience the Now moment we need to enter a state of inner silence. The unrest must be reduced in ourselves. For this we are going to relax, enjoy, and we soothe what bubbles up in us trouble making needs. The issues of the day is to silence reminded. We let our thoughts and feelings that hinder us to be essential in silence. Stimulants like smoking and alcohol have exactly this effect: the plug is pulled out here. We arrive at peace, but preserving this peace at the same time requires a lot of activity.

“To experience inner silence and to create there we have to go a process of reducing the turmoil, connecting with the resulting silence to express what is coming towards you from this silence.”

In the cultural life resulting activity of ousting unrest in folk art, amateur art. It this way practicing art offers scattering, peace and an escape from the daily grind. Folk art made from inner activity (such as thoughts, feelings, etc.) where the present turmoil is transformed into peace. After a busy day’s work brings us calm evening scene. Folk arises from anxiety, not from rest.

The tranquility that offers so obtained silence. If we continue in this silence with the deployed activity (folk art) we fill this silence on this. The silence may not be in its fullness, it is filled with amusement. It is filled with bubbling up from what the folk artist amid the silence. This distinguishes the true artist from the folk artist. The artist manages to supplant the unrest, but then allow the resulting silence untouched. He or she does not fill this silence with his own thoughts, feelings or desires. He let the silence exist as an objective fact, without giving it his own subjective interpretation. The silence fills so himself, it is a comprehensive silence. From this comprehensive silence the inspiration confronts the artist. From this inspiration creates art. The inspiration itself does not have any color or shape or movement. It is the artist who translates the inspiration to shape, to color, movement or idea. He tries himself his own thoughts, feelings and desires, to hold back as much as possible so it does not fill the inspiration but the inspiration fills him. You know what to do just yet how. Art is as it were a testimony to the comprehensive silence. Art, as you speechless.

For now, the perceptions and experience in the field of inspiration (from the all-encompassing silence) to convert the physical tangible world requires many skills. Often manage to stay and witness it in silence. Instead, we are working on this moment from memory and created. Through the recollection process creation is admittedly a bit more thought out and constructed, but this remains artistically. Indeed, the creation is still based on the inspiration that comes from silence. In addition to working from memory it happens often that the artist is linked unconsciously with the all-encompassing silence and create from this unconscious connection. Other artists find the compound of the inspiration by the use of hallucinogens. Directly in the silence full time consciously express what lives there, delivers the ultimate art. In short, art is simply the expression of all filling silence. Art calls this silence on the viewer and thus offers the opportunity to meet the most basic human need: meaningful and effective presence in the Now, when you’re alive.